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Competition program

All-Russian professional contest Innovation in education

  1. Place:

    Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, March 26-28, 2013

  2. Description:

    The 3rd All-Russian professional contest INNOVATION IN EDUCATION

  3. Description:
  4. Science and methodology support of the contest:

    the Academy of Advanced Education and Professional Retraining of Educators – the Federal operator of the Priority national project Education.

  5. Professional support of the contest:

    Moscow Institute of Open Education.

  6. Media support of the contest:
    • Russian Educational Herald magazine
    • Teachers’ Newspaper.
  7. The Contest is devoted to the professional support system of innovative processes in Russian education.

    Competition Grand Prix - The Pearl of Russian Education

  8. Invited:
    • Educational institutions, assuming to take part in the contest programs of Priority national project Education;
    • Educational institutions of various types and kinds, representing innovation developments to participate in regional and All-Russian professional pedagogical competitions;
    • Governing bodies of Russian regions, institutes of retraining, the didactic centers for formation of representations about innovations realized in Russian education and technologies of professional support of their development and implementation;
    • The educational institutions which have received grants of Priority national project Education in 2011;
    • Pedagogues of educational institutions of all types and kinds.
  9. The contest applications are distributed according to the following nominations:
    • Complex of innovations in pre-school education;
    • Complex of innovations in general (senior) secondary education;
    • Complex of innovations in vocational education;
    • Complex of innovations in further vocational education;
    • Complex of innovations in infant extended education;
    • Complex of innovations in special education;
    • Complex of innovations in education quality management;
    • Complex of innovations in functioning and development of educational systems;
    • Innovations in scientific-methodical provision of education;
    • Complex of innovations in technical and technological provision of education;
    • Complex of innovations in organization of social partnership between education and science, culture, technology and business.

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