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What is the Russian Education Forum (REF)?

It is a leading Russian exhibition which unites heads and teachers of schools in all educational levels and also the specialists who work on developing and promoting of the educational equipment and literature, publishers and authors of educational and methodical literature. There are some 200 companies participating in the Forum, over 6,000 visitors, rich business program and professional contests. The Forum consists of two big sections: “Educational Equipment” and “Methodological Educational Equipment”

When is the Russian Education Forum held?

Date: March 26-28, 2013

Where is the Russian Education Forum held?

Our address: pavilion 4, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Come!

Who is exposed at the Russian Education Forum?

Exhibition participants are companies developing and producing modern educational equipment, security systems, information systems, program products, remote educational systems and different other educational equipment.

How is the thing?

Exhibition: participants work on the equipped exhibition booths where visitors can meet individually any educational institution or company, find out more about educational programs and much more.

Conference: within the time specified by the regulations, some exhibitors are welcome to hold some presentations of their educational institutions or companies, to reveal key aspects of the activity responding to the questions from the audience.

How can I get a free ticket to the exhibition, organized by your company?

To enter the exhibition you have to submit on-line registration on the official website of the project in advance.

How can I obtain assistance on visa support and accommodation?

Moskau Messe Company’s official partner is Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre which provides a full range of travel services and will gladly help you in visa support and accommodation in the immediate vicinity of our exhibitions and conferences. Contact us by phone: +7 495 995 0591, ext. 446.

We want to participate in the exhibition. How can we do it?

If your company decided to become an exhibitor, you have to contact the project management (see “Contact Us”) or fill in a preliminary application on the exhibition website. After that we will contact you and discuss the stand location, its size and construction. The minimum area of the stand is 6 square meters. We look forward to seeing you among the participants of our projects.

What is the difference between equipped and raw exhibition space?

Equipped space is a finished stand (wall panels, frame sign, carpet and a set of exhibition equipment, according to the metric area of the stand).

Raw space includes the area for the exclusive stand on an individual project by a third-party builder on the participant’s invitation.

Where can the trip permit be stamped?

The trip permit can be stamped at the Organizer’s office. All the forms to be carried.

What services can be used directly at the exhibition?

At all the exhibitions and conferences held by Moskau Messe Company, the service “Check your mail!” with free Internet access is always available. There is a functioning service-center, where all the participants and visitors can print any document, send a fax, make a photocopy, book carts and other additional services on a fee basis.

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