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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Russian team won first prize in International ROV Competition
A team of students of the Far Eastern Federal University once again won MATE International ROV Competition 2012 for remotely controlled submersible devices held in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Each year, this competition attracts teams of specialists in underwater robotics from around the world. More than 20 teams from different countries ― USA, China, India, Britain, Egypt and others ― competed with Russia. The DVFU team has continuously taken part in such competitions since 2008. In 2010 the team won first place for the first time. Primorye Coast team is composed of students of different professions ― from computer security to medical physics and interior design.

This year’s theme was the study World War II shipwrecks. The contest organizers modeled a situation in which fuel of sunk during the battle ships acted as real environmental threat which must have been neutralized. The task was to develop methods for safe fuel removal and, thus, protect the ocean fauna.

Some bionic principles making the “skeleton” of the device similar to a sea-dweller compose the device developed by the DVFU team. The device can withstand the pressure at a depth of 6 meters and is equipped with video cameras transmitting the pilot complete picture of what is happening on the seabed. Some details such as engine components made of plastic with the 3D-printer have been created specifically for this device.

MATE ROV Competition 2012 is organized by Marine Advanced Technology Education Center (MATE Center).

Russian team won first prize in International ROV Competition

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