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Thursday, September 13, 2012 No more free hobby groups for preschoolers and children from other towns
The new system of electronic registration in children’s hobby groups limited the access to free extra-curricular education for preschoolers and pupils from other towns. According to the new rules, youngsters can sign up only for one group. What it means is that a child who likes swimming, drawing or playing chess now has to face a tough choice. Besides, attending hobby groups now is limited to four times a week.

According to Education Department, this measure is based on the city regulations and sanitary norms and rules recommending not to overload children with various activities.

Electronic registration systems in hobby groups officially started to work since September 5th. But already many parents and teachers are alarmed.

"Children used to visit three or four different activity groups. Preschoolers also took part in many activities: painting, sculpture art, literary work, singing, dancing. Now some of these groups have to be closed. Some of them will be paid for," said Anna Yampolskaya, the pedagogue at “Presnya” center for children and youth, to Izvestya.

Of course, it is possible to make an exception and take, for example, a talented child from Moscow region without waiting for him to turn six years old. However his tuition will not be paid for by the city budget.

As far as paid groups are concerned – they will not be cheap, up to 3,000 roubles a month. Individual tutoring will cost even more – about 10,000 roubles a month.

The new rule is obvious to kill enthusiasm of those who want to sign up for hobby groups, which will, in its turn, result in teachers’ salaries getting lower. According to the new system, their wages now depend on the size of the groups they are teaching.

No more free hobby groups for preschoolers and children from other towns

Last update: Thursday, September 13, 2012 4:39:59 PM

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