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Monday, October 01, 2012 Moscow authorities plan to open kindergartens in residential buildings
Moscow’s Department of city-planning announced a competitive tender on the development of architectural and technical solutions of built-in and built-on pre-schooling institutions on ground floors of residential houses.

According to the technical design specifications published on the state purchase website, the competition winner is to develop 8 designs of kindergarten placements in high-rise buildings, depending on the number of groups and children in each group.

The smallest kindergarten is to accommodate 35 children; there will be 4 groups and one common hall, with total area of approximately 800 square meters. The largest kindergarten will take 3 floors, with the total area of 2.6 square kilometers, for 150 children.

Each variant also has to be supplemented with the site schemes, as well as its landscaping and improvement plans. Architects also must think over spaces for some open-air activities and facilities for handicapped children.

Moreover, built-in kindergartens have to be equipped with awnings and sports grounds, and their territories have to be surrounded by fences.

All architectural and planning concepts must correspond to the latest technical requirements, zoning principles, health and safety measures and be energy efficient.

The initial price of the contract is 14.4 million rubles. Applications should be sent up to October 26th.

Moscow authorities plan to open kindergartens in residential buildings

Last update: Monday, October 01, 2012 12:54:21 PM

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