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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Our information partner ‘Vestnik Obrazovania Rossii’(Russian Education Newsletter) will help you to be at the centre of education events, technologies and innovations One of the oldest Russian education magazines is to become a partner of the Russian Education Forum exhibition.

The ‘Vestnik Obrazovania Rosii’ (Russian Education Newsletter) magazine – is the oldest pedagogical publication in the country, having its origins in 1803 when the ‘Periodicals Essays on Advances in People’s Education’ was first published, and later titled as: ‘The Department of People’s Education Journal’, ‘The Ministry of People’s Education Journal’. In the 19th Century it was the first (and for a long time the only) popular science magazine in Russia. It focused on the scientific life in both the West and the East, readers could find out about recent developments, discoveries and inventions on its pages, learn about the state of education in different countries.

Since 1963 the Russian Education Newsletter has a permanent subscription index 73353 in the ‘Rospechat’ agency and is one of the most mass-volume periodicals in the country.

The magazine’s motto is ‘Officially. Promptly. Credibly’:

Officially – in every issue of the Russian Education Newsletter there are publications of the Russian legislative and executive authorities, as well as federal education authorities: Russian Ministry of Education and Rosobrnadzor, the federal service for supervision in the sphere of science and education.

Promptly – the magazine promptly publishes the information about the most important events in the field of education.

Credibly – the editorial board strictly and scrupulously monitors the selection of published materials. The main task of the magazine is not to comment but to observe the processes that occur in Russian education.

The Russian Education Newsletter is the official media sponsor of all major events in education: national teacher and school competitions and Olympiads (‘Teacher of the Year’, ‘School Headmaster’, ‘My Best Lesson’, ‘The Road to Olympus’, National Financial Market Olympiad for Schoolchildren, etc.), education forums, exhibitions and conferences. The magazine is awarded with numerous diplomas and certificates of the Russian Ministry of Education, the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, the Russian Teachers Support Foundation.

All education news are promptly put on the magazine’s website at

the November issue of the Russian Education Newsletter magazine

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